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Youni is the place where students can find, match and apply to the right university and connect with a global educational community. 

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Why Study

Higher Salary

41% of employers more likely to offer higher salary if you’ve studied abroad

Limitless study options

Studying internationally gives you the chance to find the perfect study program for you!

Become Independent

Learning to push ourselves to try new things and grow is an important part of life.

Grow your network

Studying abroad will give you the chance to 10x your network. Also, 96% international alumni claimed an increase in self-confidence attributed to study abroad.

Traveling the World

For many people, studying abroad is the first step towards traveling the world. Lots of  unis offer programs where you can do study exchanges in other countries. 

Your partner can Work Full-Time

In many countries, your partner can join you and work while you study. This lets you both to enjoy the benefits of studying abroad.

Take the next step with your international study plans, and gain insights and admissions advice to stand out with your undergrad or grad school applications. This is your chance to interact with senior staff, alumni and former gatekeepers from Princeton, LSE, Sorbonne, UPenn, LBS, UAmsterdam, NYU, Imperial and many more.

What is the educational cost?

Tuition fees:

Germany: Public universities are free for all international students (both Bachelors or 

Masters). Private programs cost from 7.000 USD to 20.000 USD/year


Netherlands: The tuition fee of Dutch universities start around 8,000 USD/year

for international students for both Bachelors and Masters. 


United Kingdom: from 13,000 USD/year for both Bachelor or Master Degrees


Australia: from 12.000 USD/year for both Bachelor or Master Degrees


USA: From 20,000 USD/year for both Bachelors or Masters. US universities

offer great scholarships and financial aid


Canada: From 15,000 USD/year for both Bachelors or Masters.


Eastern Europe: From 4000 USD/year for both Bachelors or Masters.

Why choose Youni?

100% Acceptance rate on USA for all our students


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Transparent application process through our application platform 


Choose the right university for you using our 

state of the art AI AI university matching algorithm


We guarantee the admission process for Australia


We help our young applicants organize events and 

get real life experience to increase their acceptance chance


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Our experts offer an international range of study options that is matched to each applicant.